Three Rivers Chorus

Three Rivers Chorus is a small, auditioned SATB ensemble, Ellen Oak, artistic director.

Required Rehearsals with Full Ensemble Wednesdays, 6-9pm, July 12, 19, and 26.

St. John’s Chapel, 99 Brattle Street, Cambridge. All parts to be learned beforehand.  


Dress Rehearsal Friday, July 28, 6-9pm.

Concert Sunday, July 30, at 3pm (call at 1:30).

Rehearsal Videos

Vocal Division

Fumiko Sakakibara S1; 3P1
Ban Htang S1; 3P1
Anita Lousie Schell S1; 3P1
Laura Cervinsky Delaney* S1; 3P1
Leah Costlow S2; 3P1
Karen Cummings S2; 3P2
Susan Butterworth S2; 3P2
Kim Ellwood S2; 3P2
Camila Parias* S2; 3P2

Angela Bauer-Levesque A1
Elise Feyerherm A1; 3P2
Emily Teller A1; 3P2
Christina English* A1; 3P3
Htoi San A2; 3P3
Emily Romney A2; 3P3
Katharine Newhouse A2; 3P3
Letitia Stevens* A2; 3P3

Phil LaFollette T1
Francesco Logozzo* T1
Patrick Kane* T2
Alex Nishibun* T2
James Williamson Sub for Alex on the 19th

Glenn Billingsley* B1
David McFerrin* B2
Jacob Cooper* B2
Michael Olbash* Sub for Jake on the 19th