Three Rivers Chorus

Three Rivers Chorus is a small, auditioned SATB ensemble, Ellen Oak, artistic director.


Three Rivers Chorus, Ellen Oak, artistic director, is a small, auditioned SATB ensemble. Oak's holistic, body-centered approach to singing integrates deep respect for the individual and high expectations for the group. Collaboration with other musicians, visual and performing artists, and community groups is integral to our music-making. Our adventurous repertoire, while rooted in the western classical tradition, ranges widely and often includes surprising juxtapositions and resonances. 


Two sonic glimpses of the chorus:

Like Ghosts of Eagles by Roger Stratton 

Arise, My Love by Julian Wachner 


Singers welcome!  Join us for a  Very Special July Immersive Choral Experience with Ellen Oak!  

Sign up by June 15th.  Auditions June 1-15. 

All rehearsals will be held in July, with performance on Sunday, July 30, 3:00pm, at St.John's Chapel, 99 Brattle Street, Cambridge.      more details

We look forward to making music with you soon!


Our generous and talented supporters contribute to the chorus in a variety of ways: word of mouth networking, concert production, graphic design, community relations, book-keeping, grant writing, publicity, and making practice mp3's are a few examples. If you'd like to get involved with great people in an exciting venture, tell us about your gifts and interests, and we'll be delighted to partner  with you. Every effort, no matter the size, helps us thrive. Thank you!